Private Drinking and Water Supplies

It is the purpose of this program to protect water supplies to prevent water-borne disease or illnesses by providing technical assistance to the public in water treatment, well installation, and sampling. This program addresses individual water supplies as well as water supplies that serve food and lodging establishments and other facilities under Ripley County Health Center jurisdiction. Private Water Sample Test Kit Information

Private drinking water sample test kits may be picked up at the Ripley County Health Center at (MAILING ADDRESS INSERT HERE) During regular business hours.

Once the sample is obtained, it should be submitted to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Southeast District Laboratory located in the lower level of the building at 2875 James Avenue, Poplar Bluff, M063901 for Bacterial Analysis. There is a $10.00 charge for this analysis, payable to the laboratory. A courier system is in place to pick up water samples at the health center.

The Ripley County Health Center does collect samples for Bacterial Analysis of private Drinking Water for Foster Care Programs, and individuals under Special Circumstance Situations.